Dog-Approved Ways to Protect your Car Interior

Summertime is in full swing, and what better way to enjoy the Kingston sunshine than to bring your furry best friend to a local dog park. Before you load up, though, make sure your car is dog-proof to avoid the inevitable hair, dirt, and scratches that Fido brings in. Not only will your dog thank you for the added safety, but your leather interior will, too. 

Here are some of our tips to keep your car paw print-free and smelling like new.

boston terrier dog in clean car Lexus interior looking out window

  1. Bring a Crate

    1. Securing your dog not only prevents injuries, but also keeps dirt at bay. If your car is big enough, place a travel crate in the backseat or trunk. Line the bottom with old towels or a blanket for a sense of comfort and easy cleanup. Thankfully there are tons of local dog parks in Kingston such as Rotary Dog Park, but if you plan on a longer drive, make sure to throw in one of your dog’s favorite toys to keep them occupied. 
  2. Get a Dog Seat Belt

    1. If your car is too small for a crate, or your dog loves daydreaming out windows, then a doggie seat belt is the perfect way to safely secure your pet without restricting too much of their freedom. And in the case of an accident, you know your dog will be safe since these seat belts act in the same way human seat belts do. Simply attach your dog’s collar or harness to the hook, clip the tongue into a seat belt buckle, and you’re all set. 
  3. Invest in Seat Protectors

    1. To save yourself the headache of scratches and possible punctures to your car seats, invest in a fashionable seat cover. There are countless options available that range from front seat to back seat covers, cargo-area liners, and various options come in a variety of flattering colors. Certain protectors help restrict your dog’s access to the front row, which keeps you from being distracted by your adorable pooch. Many options are water-resistant and machine washable, and come in a variety of sizes to fit compact cars or fully-loaded SUVs.
  4. Buy Heavy Duty Floor Mats

    1. If your canine best friends have full access to your vehicle, protect your floorboards with rubber floor mats, like these All-Weather Floor Liners for the Lexus RX350 available at Lexus of Kingston. The easy to wipe material will reduce clean-up time, and also gives dogs more traction when climbing in and out of your car.
  5. Grab some Interior Car Cleaner

    1. Accidents happen. As soon as they do, make sure to wipe them up and treat the area with the appropriate cleaner for your car interior. By being proactive with cleanups, you will reduce potential stains and odors. For especially messy accidents, we recommend getting your car detailed to avoid any set-in dog smells. 

dalmnation dog at beach clean car interior sand

What is your dog’s favorite hangout spot in town? Let us know in the comments below!