Leasing New Lexus Vehicles



If you love the thrill of frequently changing your car and driving around a new model, then you'll love the new inventory available at Lexus of Kingston.
We're proud to offer you great deals on leasing a brand-new Lexus.


When you finance a vehicle, you get to own your car at the end of the contract, but the monthly payments are usually higher. With a lease, you'll enjoy a lower monthly payment and warranty coverage throughout your lease term, and you get to experience a new car with new technology features every few years! Lexus Financial Services offer lease terms of up to five years, so you can choose the term that's best for you.


At Lexus of Kingston, there are a few ways to lower your lease payment. If you drive fewer than 20,000 kilometres per year, ask us about our low-mileage leases. If you have an old vehicle to trade-in, you can benefit from lower payments by using its value towards your new vehicle lease. Making a larger down payment or putting down a security deposit is another great way to reduce your monthly payment. You can also take advantage of the prepaid lease option that allows you to pay the full amount of the lease when signing the contract. This option reduces the finance charges and interest, and you won't have to worry about scheduling monthly lease payments or missing a payment.

Lease a Lexus Today!

Reach out to us for more information on Lexus Financial Services and how to benefit from our competitive Lexus leasing options. Come down to our dealership in Kingston, Ontario, and meet with our team of specialists to start leasing a Lexus today!