Lexus Genuine Air Filters

Air Filters

Air Filter Replacement

Your Lexus likely comes with two types of air filters:

Engine Air Filter: The engine air filter prevents dirt, debris, and dust from finding its way into the engine. Meanwhile, it also always clean air into the engine to help your Lexus function properly. Your air filters lifespan varies depending on your driving conditions, remove and inspect every 6 months or 8,000 kilometres and replace as needed.

Cabin Air Filter: The cabin air filter cleans the air cycled through your vehicle's ventilation systems, resulting in cleaner air for you to breathe. This filter becomes clogged over time and needs to be replaced periodically.

When do I need to change my Lexus air filters?

  • Signs for a new engine air filter: decreased gas mileage, abnormal sounds coming from your engine, of if black smoke comes out of your exhaust pipe
  • Signs for a new cabin air filter: weaker airflow from your air conditioning or heating systems, or if you detect a strange smell when your system is on

If you experience any of these problems in your Lexus, then it may be time for new air filters. Schedule your service appointment today.

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