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We often forget about our vehicle's battery. Sure, there's a set of jumper cables in the trunk, but very rarely do they ever need to be used. Vehicle batteries and charging systems have become increasingly reliable, so we often forget they exist still. That is, until our battery fails.

With just regular use, batteries inevitably lose their ability to hold a charge like they could when they were new. Your car battery contains various acidic solutions and chemical reactions that simply can't last forever. Batteries will degrade no matter the driving conditions, but circumstances like unusually high heat and frequent short trips can dramatically decrease the lifespan.

When does my Lexus battery need to be replaced?

Once your car battery reaches three years or older, you may experience that your headlights or interior lights dim when you drive, or that your car takes more time to start than usual. If you've needed to pull out the jumper cables lately, it is likely time to replace your car battery.

At Lexus of Kingston, our Certified technicians provide Genuine Lexus battery parts. Manufactured to the strict standards set by Lexus, these parts are designed specifically for your Lexus model. Our battery choices will help keep your Lexus running in the rugged Ontario climate. Plus, you'll have the confidence to take your next adventure without those pesky jumper cables.

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