Lexus Genuine Brakes

Lexus Brake Service And Replacement

Due to normal wear and tear, everyone's brakes eventually need to be serviced. Even if you are a cautious driver, a range of factors can cause common brake problems. Nevertheless, it is crucial to have your vehicle's brakes inspected immediately as soon as issues arise. Solutions can vary from a simple adjustment for grinding brakes, to brake pad replacement, to complete rotor resurfacing. Do not hesitate to give Lexus of Kingston a call when you experience problems with your Lexus. Ignoring the warning signs could mean a pricey service bill later on.

What are some signs that I need a brake service?

Most common questions about brakes can be answered by our Lexus Academy Trained Technicians:

  • What causes my Lexus brakes to squeal?
  • Why are my Lexus brakes squeaking?
  • What is my brake light on constantly?
  • Why are my Lexus wheels making a grinding sound?
  • Why does my Lexus brake pedal shake?

The Lexus of Kingston technicians use advanced diagnostic equipment to evaluate if a repair is necessary, and then use only Lexus Genuine Parts. The specifically designed brake system parts are manufactured with the precise quality and care as the original parts on your Lexus. The service centre at Lexus of Kingston carries a variety of Lexus Genuine parts in order to successfully repair your vehicle.

Are you experiences problems or concerns with your Lexus brake system? Schedule a service appointment at Lexus of Kingston today.

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