Lexus Genuine Oil Change

Lexus Genuine oil change

Lexus of Kingston Oil Change

Proper oil changes are a crucial element to keeping your Lexus healthy and running properly. It is recommended that you have the oil changed in your Lexus at the established maintenance intervals, which can be found in your vehicle manual. Regular oil changes help keep your Lexus working to its fullest, which in turn maintains the value of your vehicle. To guarantee top performance, the Lexus Academy Trained Technicians at Lexus of Kingston use Lexus Genuine motor oil.

When does my Lexus need an oil change?

  • Check your vehicle manual or the online Lexus maintenance schedule
  • You hear abnormal sounds coming from the front of your vehicle
  • Your vehicle is running consistently hotter than normal
  • If the "maintenance required" light appears on your dashboard

If you experience any of these issues in your Lexus, then it is likely time for an oil change. If left unchanged, old oil can cause permanent damage to the engine and devalue your Lexus. Ready for an oil change? Schedule a service appointment today.

Lexus Genuine motor oil