Lexus Hybrid Technology



While exploring our available Lexus models at Lexus of Kingston, you will find an array of hybrid models that provide incredible fuel efficiency to enhance your commute. We currently have Lexus self-charging hybrids and plug-in hybrids in our new inventory, providing customers with more options to choose from while shopping for an ultra-efficient Lexus. Visit us today, and let us walk you through our extensive selection of Lexus hybrid models.


You can enjoy the convenience of a traditional vehicle when you choose a self-charging Lexus hybrid model, which doesn't require anything to provide added efficiency. Such models recharge the battery pack as you drive and brake, harvesting energy used to recharge the battery. Lexus models with this hybrid configuration have a gasoline engine supported by electric motors, a hybrid battery, and an electronic control unit. Your Lexus will automatically switch between gasoline and electric power, giving you a seamless commuting experience. An array of Lexus models are available as self-charging hybrids, which you can discover with the help of our experts.


Opting for a plug-in hybrid Lexus will provide even greater efficiency, extending your driving range and enhancing fuel consumption. Such models can operate in all-electric mode or hybrid to match your desired commuting experience. Also, you can plug in your Lexus through a Level 1 120V cable or a Level 2 240V cable, giving you quicker recharging that takes 12 hours with Level 1 and 2.5 hours with Level 2. A model that's available with a plug-in hybrid powertrain is the Lexus NX AWD 450h+.


You are welcome to contact us today to get an idea about which Lexus models are available as hybrids and book a test drive to experience your desired Lexus hybrid on the open roads of Kingston, Ontario.