Preventative Maintenance

Air Conditioning Evaporator Cleaning

The A/C Evaporator cleaning service eliminates bacteria, mold, mildew and odors from your vehicles A/C circulation system. Using a state of the art antibacterial foam or spray, the main components of the A/C system are cleaned and decontaminated. If the A/C or Cabin filter* is replaced and the system is not cleaned at the same time, the new filter may fail to properly clean air passing through due to a buildup of mold, mildew or bacteria in the A/C system itself.

*To optimize the air quality in your cabin, an A/C Evaporator Cleaning should be performed when replacing the vehicle’s in cabin AC filter. Recommended

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Seasonal Tire Storage

Let Lexus of Kingston store your off season tires. Eliminate the heavy task of moving your Lexus tires back and forth and leave them with us. When you store your tires with Lexus of Kingston you can be assured that they are stored in a climate controlled environment to protect your expensive tires and rims. You also will be contacted with advanced booking notification prior to tire change Season, Spring & Autumn –Recommended.

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Wheel Alignment

Over time, especially when driving on rough roads, your vehicle’s wheels fall out of alignment. Misaligned wheels/tires wear more quickly and can lead to unsafe driving conditions. Severe misalignment will result in a noticeable pulling of your vehicle from one side to another. While a vehicle’s alignment can be affected by a major impact, alignments should typically be performed every 16000 to 24000 kilometers based on driving conditions.
Point your Lexus in the right direction with an alignment- Performed by a Lexus-Trained Technician – Extends the Life of Your Tires – Prevents uneven wear -Recommended.

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Electronic Fuel Injection and Throttle body Service

EFI throttle bodies are one component that needs regular servicing to ensure optimum function for both engine life and driver satisfaction. Lexus Certified technicians provide EFI throttle body service. Cleaning the throttle body involves removing carbon deposits from the throttle valve. The throttle body is a critical component that ensures the efficiency of your vehicle; they control ignition timing, which affects combustion quantity by controlling when fuel’s injected into cylinders during each compression stroke cycle for optimal performance A filthy fuel injection and throttle body can cause your engine to run rough, thus making drivability quite unpredictable. To ensure the smooth running of the engine and excellent drivability, scheduling a complete service of your fuel injection and throttle body is recommended.

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Brake Servicing

Brake servicing is designed to restore and clean the braking system and ensure it is functioning at an optimum level. This involves cleaning your brake pads, rotors, calipers, deglazing braking components, removing excessive dust, and putting them back together.You should service your brakes every 2 years or 24000 km to maximize brake life- recommended.

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