Lexus Timing Belt

Timing Belt Replacement

Take a peak under the hood of your Lexus and you'll find a wide range of parts hard at work to keep you on the road. With consistent use, it only makes sense that these parts become worn down over time and require replacement. You can find the recommended time frames in which certain parts, like your timing belt, should be replaced. The timing belt's job is to control your engine's camshaft. If it breaks, the result could be expensive damage to the engine. Play it safe and avoid expensive repairs by replacing your timing belt at the recommended intervals.

When does my Lexus timing belt need to be replaced?

  • If the fumes from your exhaust are dark and heavy
  • You detect loud, screeching sounds from your engine when it starts
  • If your engine takes longer to turn over than normal, or doesn't turn over at all

If you experience any of these problems, than it is likely time for your timing belt to be replaced. Schedule your service appointment today.